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  • Overview of Drain Camera Inspection Data Sheet

    Camera Inspection
    August 23, 2013
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    These days, drain camera inspection is being used by many across the globe, since they give out reports that are critical and very informative, easy to understand and helps with site plans too. With the help of the best CCTV drain survey reports, clients now get the best indication on what you would be trying to tell them or make them aware of. The drain camera would also bring out the best results when surveys are done, such as:

    1. A DVD
    2. Still Imagery to highlight problematic zones of channel pipes that are fractured and hard to reach areas in gullies

    What the data shows when inspection is done?

    When CCTV drain inspection is done using drain cameras, this is what the clients would receive as results;

    1. Surveys start and end point
    2. The length, material, size of the pipe, and the depth too
    3. Survey direction, up or down
    4. The type of system being dealt with, stormy or foul, or combined
    5. Is the system a shared one, owned privately or by local bodies
    6. Changes of direction and connections
    7. The number of defects found from start to end

    How a drain camera helps with a site plan?

    1. The CCTV camera inspection would show the manholes with their numbers, the rodding points, number of soiled vent pipes and gullies
    2. Direction of flow and the layout of the system
    3. Flower beds, hard standing and lawns
    4. Landscape changes if any, steep inclines and raised patios included
    5. Roads, footpaths and boundary lines too

    Other benefits

    With drain camera inspection, one also gets the following information:

    1. The reason why the survey was done
    2. Was it a problematic system
    3. Was it a survey done for the home buyer
    4. What was the summary found
    5. Any recommendations on how to tackle what was seen through CCTV Drain Inspection

    Taking into consideration what the survey would show, other factors that would be also taken into account when such surveys are done for the best results are;

    1. The weather at the time the survey was done
    2. If the system under certain weather conditions over time was cleaned or kept the same
    3. Manhole reporting
    4. Defects found
    5. Recommendations for the defects and issues

    With the help of the right CCTV camera inspection services around, one would have a straight cut and well written report which would give you all answers. And along with it, the best recommendations too with in-depth analysis and data would be provided to you.

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