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  • How Fixing Water Leaks can Protect Your Health and Home

    Leak Detection
    September 19, 2013
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    If you suspect water leakage in your home, without any delay, you must get it fixed. In fact, it is recommended that you get your water system checked at regular intervals, to prevent some serious water damage in your house.

    If you face severe damage due to water leakage in your home, then not only your wood furniture will get affected but your building structure, living environment, as well as your health will suffer. If there is heavy water leakage, leading to an overflowing sewage system that is left untreated for a long period of time, then microorganisms and pathogens will grow in your house, causing serious harm to you. Keeping this in mind, you must not ignore the importance of fixing water leakage as soon as it is detected in your house. Get in touch with a professional company, who will be able to provide you with suitable solutions.

    Molds and Water Leaks

    Molds grow as a result of moisture accumulation. Moisture problems in homes can occur due to water leaks. If there is any leaking tap in your house and there are cracked walls, then the cracks can allow moisture in there, which, with time will lead to the growth of molds. Often, it is not easy to detect water leaks as they can stay hidden inside the wall or attic. That is why, if you suddenly notice water leaks, then don’t forget to check for the growth of molds as well.

    Any part of your house that is moist for a long time can lead to the growth of molds. They can grow inside walls, on the roof, in the attic etc. Also, molds can be found in any type of surface, for example, wood, tiles, carpet etc. Many times, small molds go unnoticed. In fact, you may not be able to identify molds at the initial stage. You have to look very carefully and closely if you suspect any unnatural growth, especially in damp areas such as kitchen, bathroom or basement.

    At the first stage, the molds appear as spores,black and white in color, which gradually grow into molds. If you notice a small number of molds to begin with, don’t ignore. There could be more molds in other parts of your home or these smaller molds will continue to spread more molds in the house.

    Molds and Health Issues

    Molds can cause allergic reactions in human beings. They can cause severe cough, cold and respiratory ailments. Often people don’t realize the effects of molds on health. If you are a victim of constant cough, sneezing, sore throat etc., get a mold inspection done in your home. Some molds are toxic in nature, affecting the human health seriously.

    Checking for Water Leaks and Mold Inspection

    Hire a professional team of experts and get your home checked for any minor or major water leaks. Getting them fixed is very important to treat the growth of molds due to water leakage in your house. Once the water leaks are fixed, the mold affected areas need to be treated, by washing them with a suitable detergent or agents like boric acid that will help in killing the molds and also prevent further growth.

    So, go ahead, save your family and home and give them a happy, healthy life, by contacting the best licensed plumber today, who can correctly carry out a leak detection survey in and around your house and fix the water leakage, at an affordable cost.

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